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Embedded solutions and technology licencing

We have in several cases made embedded solutions or sold our technology to be integrated into our customer's design. In those cases the products has been produced by the customer or their partner. 
Air eye has been integrated in a road weather station, and technology and production rights are licenced. We have trained the engineers to handle product maintenance and quality assured the production to be able to run the production with high yield. We have a support agreement in place where Optical Sensors add expertise when needed.
We have also made technology transfer of visibility sensor technology to an off shore company that needed a fog sensor to fullfil unique environmental conditions.

Our high performing and cost efficient technology is ideally suited to integrate into various solutions and we are committed to support our business partners in the best possible way.

        Embedded Solutions
Our technology can be integrated on different level from complete module to components in the customers design. The technology is licenced (including patents) and different support and training options are available.

        Manufacturing
Our products can be manufactured under licence and depending on integration level different manufacturing options are available. Production is licenced and different support and training options are available.

        Technology
The patents, product ownership and know-how for specific applications could be subject for a deeper relation or special arrangements to secure the customers application or need for exclusivity.