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Innovative environmental sensors:

Mini Optical Fog Sensor, MiniOFS - a low price Fog Sensor, our bestseller
The MiniOFS backscatter visibility sensor is a spin off invention from the work with the OFS/Air eye products - see below. The price is probably the lowest on the market for a visibility sensor. And the dimensions of the front are smaller than a credit card -see picture. The main application is for traffic purposes.
The development has been driven by a documented need for a real low price sensor for large volume applications.
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Mini Present Weather Sensor, MiniPWS
The MiniPWS backscatter Present Weather sensor i. e.  a sensor for rain- and snowfall besides fog. The sensor is a spin off invention from the work with the the MiniOFS and OFS/Air eye  products. The price is probably the lowest on the market for a Present weather Sensor. We think that this sensor can for instance add valuable information to Road Weather Stations.
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Optical Fog Sensor, OFS - OFS
The Optical Fog sensor called OFS is a robust backscatter visibility sensor with somewhat better performance than the MiniOFS. It has been on the market for 10 about years with few changes.  The difference between the Air eye ( see below ) and the OFS is that the precipitation outputs are not available on the OFS and the price.
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Air Eye - an optical Precipitation sensor
The Air eye is a compact low cost Present Weather sensor that uses laser backscatter technique for analysing water particles of different forms in the air. The sensor has analogue and digital RS232 outputs giving information about rainfall, snowfall visibility (and also ambient light) in "meteorological" terms like mm/hour and MOR.
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Passive Cloud Cover Detector - PCCD
A sensor for measuring the Cloud Cover Factor
This innovation makes it possible to get automatic observations of the Cloud Cover Factor, CCF i.e. the fraction of the sky that is covered with clouds.
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Road Eye - Optical Sensors for identifying road condition on winter roads
The patented sensor is offered in two versions called Road eye Short Distance SD and Road eye Long distance LD respectively. The Road eye Short Distance SD is primarily thought to be placed on a vehicle for monitoring the road surface. The Road eye Long Distance LD is primarily thought to be placed on the road side for monitoring the road surface at the sensor site.
The information from the sensor can be used for warning drivers during slippery road conditions.
Prototypes of both versions have been tested since the 2008 winter season.
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Rail Eye - an optical sensor for identifying low friction conditions on railroads
This sensor is a spin off from the Road eye project. We are currently working together with partners in a project aiming at a sensor system for identifying the low friction conditions that occurs when combinations of leafs and water/ice is present on rails.
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Other products:

A hand held and accurate instrument for measuring emittance
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Optical Distance Meter
A unique sensor for measuring dimensions. It is used in the sawmill industry for measuring the length of logs.
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Talking Cane
An orientation aid for visually impaired using advanced laser technique and special barcodes to be read at distances up to10 meters.
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Electrical Violin
Electronics for making the sound from an electrical sound like a "real" one (in Swedish)
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