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For consultation about optical weather sensors and generic electro optics
please contact:
Optical sensors Sweden AB   E-mail:
For purchasing our bestsellers MiniOFS, MiniPWS and PCCD we have today
licensed partners in a few countries.

IR systems in Japan produces MiniOFS in a few different versions                
for delivery to the east Asian market.
Contact person Motoki Sakurai

Virtual Hydromet in India produces MiniOFS for the south Asian market
and PCCD globally.
Tel: +91-9412072697
e.mail:   vhydromet @
Contact person Atul Sharma

Netsens in italy produces MiniOFS and MiniPWS for the European market.         
Tel. +39 055 3437042
Contact person Antonio Manes

Pharos Marine Automatic Power
in UK produces versions of MiniOFS for
marine environments
and for Zone 1 Hazardous area.
+44-20-8538-1100 e.mail:
Contact person Owen James