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The Emissiometer MK3
A third generation improved handheld instrument for fast and accurate measurement of emissivity

The MK3  instrument consists of a hand held unit with the approximate dimensions 120*80*80 mm. A measurement is performed just by locating the unit on the surface to be measured. The principle of operation lies in measuring the reflection of broad band amplitude modulated thermal radiation from the object to be measured.
A display located on the top of the box shows the measured values. The display is controlled by a microprocessor that runs the instrument in two alternative modes. In the single shot mode the instrument makes a measurement and freezes a measured value after a measurement time of about 10 seconds (mainly for production purposes). In the normal mode "rolling mean values" are presented (for calibration and lab purposes). The instrument is calibrated against references using knobs located on the top of the instrument. The picture to the right shows a calibation device with a high and a low reference that we offer.

Some short data:

- Absolute accuracy: better than ± 0.01 unit
- Resolution: ± 0.001 unit
- Warm up time: 5 minutes
- Stability after warm up: better than ± 0.005 unit
- Measuring aperture: dia 20 mm
- Operating Waveband: 4 - 50 µm
- Power consumption: about 3 Watts from a 12VDC supply